Recording - MPFS 2019 Proposed Rule Webinar

Implications for Imaging CDS, PAMA compliance, and how to prepare for the January 1, 2020 deadline.

CMS recently announced an update to the CY2019 MPFS Rule, which confirmed that January 1, 2020 remains the formal start of the PAMA program. From this date forward, providers must consult AUC through a qCDSM when ordering advanced imaging tests furnished under Medicare Part B.

In this webinar, that was recorded on August 23, 2018, you’ll learn about requirements, resources and recommendations you can use now to ensure PAMA compliance by the January 2020 deadline:

  1. Review the CMS July update and what it means for your organization.
  2. Identify opportunities to reduce waste, lower the cost of care, and increase quality patient care that go hand-in-hand with PAMA compliance.  
  3. Discuss a strategic approach to implementation so you can start now and build for success.
  4. Provide an overview of CMS requirements and review NDSC’s recommendations that will put your organization on the pathway to compliance.

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